Changelog (3.0.x)


  • Feature: Joomla Joomla articles extra link variables
  • Fix: Notice at other plugins' installation
  • Fix: Joomla JEvents repeating events will only show published events
  • Fix: Joomla Slide publish up/down timezone fix
  • Fix: WordPress Beaver Builder will only show our shortcode because it's not able to call in files
  • Fix: Fullscreen on iPhones and iPads when the site had CSS3 animation
  • Fix: iOS10 touch improvement
  • Fix: Lightbox won't show the YouTube related videos


  • Feature: Attribute change from n2click to data-n2click
  • Feature: Joomla Article generator new filters: Excluded article ids, Joomla access level
  • Feature: Joomla Article generator Language filter accepts multiple values, separated by comma
  • Feature: Slide publish interval localization
  • Feature: WordPress post generator variables for different image size from ACF
  • Feature: RSEvents!Pro generator location variables
  • Feature: CSS cache file now loads before the JavaScript callings in the page
  • Feature: When Lightbox from backgrounds is used it is possible to set device-specific lightbox images
  • Feature: Icon layer can have a hover color from now on
  • Feature: Smart Slider 3's DIVI module now works on Extra's layouts
  • Feature: JEvents Standard Images & Files plugin compatibility
  • Feature: jQuery 3.x compatibility
  • Feature: Script attributes to our JavaScript cache files
  • Feature: Cache support option for the randomization
  • Feature: Events Manager excerpt variable
  • Feature: Center thumbnails option
  • Feature: Remove links option for advanced generator functions
  • Feature: JEvents - One-time events event status filter
  • Fix: Vertical showcase slider
  • Fix: Scrolling issue in rare cases
  • Fix: Image manager wasn't able to load images on some servers
  • Fix: HikaShop image path
  • Fix: Horizontal accordion type slider RTL fix
  • Fix: Easy blog trashed posts are not returned
  • Fix: Conflict with DropEditor extension
  • Fix: Fullscreen control + Safari
  • Fix: WordPress - Lazy loading plugin compatibility fix
  • Fix: RTL timeline fix
  • Fix: DIVI 3 page builder cache conflict
  • Fix: Loading icon on some websites didn't disappear
  • Fix: In rare cases, iPhones might open the slide links in two tabs
  • Fix: In some rare cases, the slider export was not working
  • Fix: Flickr token issue
  • Fix: Smart Slider 3 access level fix
  • Fix: Joomla Easyblog trashed articles fix
  • Fix: WordPress warning message when plugins are updated in rare cases
  • Fix: Joomla K2 generator featured items
  • Fix: When no loading animation is selected, a PHP notice can appear
  • Fix: HikaShop product image fix for when there are multiple file types given to the product
  • Fix: Magento installation didn't work on some servers causing 503 error
  • Fix: Joomla articles generator * language filter will mean all languages on multilingual websites, not only not selected ones


IMPORTANT: Instagram limited the accessibility of their APIs, and from June 1, 2016, and you will be only able to access your own images. Read more.
  • Feature: Autoplay finish at specified slide index
  • Feature: WordPress post generator multiple category variables
  • Feature: WordPress post generator variables for different image size for the set featured image
  • Feature: Text from input generator
  • Feature: WordPress Events Manager town and state filtering options
  • Feature: Joomla Eshop generator simple language selection
  • Feature: Joomla RSevents custom date and time format
  • Feature: RSS feed generator update to get enclosure filename too as a variable + better error handling
  • Feature: Reset video when losing focus on HTML5 video and YouTube layers
  • Feature: Picasa generator Randomize
  • Feature: Option to switch off Smart Slider from WordPress admin bar
  • Feature: Lightbox title and description can be added
  • Feature: Slider perspective can be changed
  • Feature: Keep file names for resized images
  • Translation: 65.8% Italian translation
  • Translation: 61.5% Russian translation
  • Fix: Slide editor fix for sliders with custom slider size
  • Fix: Twitter generator variable fix
  • Fix: WordPress All-in-One Event Calendar order
  • Fix: WordPress Events Manager location list
  • Fix: WordPress Events Manager order
  • Fix: WordPress post generator + Advanced Custom Fields - avoid same variable name
  • Fix: Picasa generator
  • Fix: Lightbox in Full-screen mode
  • Fix: Sample slider import on localhost
  • Fix: Joomla SEF and fixed fill mode
  • Fix: Several RTL fixes
  • Fix: Export as HTML missing images when lightbox enabled
  • Fix: Scrollable layer now can be scrolled on touch devices
  • Fix: W3 Total cache fix for minification


  • Feature: Picasa generator
  • Feature: Support of changed media library directory - WordPress
  • Feature: Image quality can be set at the Optimization
  • Feature: Background image size can be changed at the Optimization
  • Feature: All-in-One Event Calendar generator new date variables - WordPress
  • Feature: Slide background image fixed mode
  • Feature: Update indicator in the normal WordPress updater (PRO only)
  • Feature: Support added for WordPress FTP update mechanism (PRO only)
  • Feature: Eshop generator currency code option for different language sliders
  • Feature: SlideTo actions has a new option to set the direction
  • Feature: Generated extended caching mechanism to support multi-language sites
  • Fix: QTranslate language filter replaced by automatic language detection - WordPress
  • Fix: Force fullwidth on RTL sites
  • Fix: Backend color picker and timeline sidebar couldn't be moved on laptops with touchscreens
  • Fix: Meta Slider compatibility
  • Fix: Ken Burns with lazy loading
  • Fix: Video layer mute
  • Fix: Mobile-tablet responsive size issue when height set
  • Fix: improved control position calculation
  • Fix: update on more secure servers
  • Fix: WordPress post generator Advanced Custom Fields Plugin fix - WordPress
  • Fix: Bullet visibility on Tablet and Mobile
  • Fix: Issue with duration of the crossfade animation
  • Fix: Missing arrows in lightbox when slider exported as HTML


  • Fix: Post generator warning message
  • Fix: filemtime warning for CSS files
  • Fix: HTML app min css file error


  • Feature: Focus point option for the background image
  • Feature: External link option in link popup window
  • Feature: Apply hotkey = enter
  • Feature: Add image slide button will add the alt tag of the image too from the media library - WordPress
  • Feature: Drag 'n drop image adding will put the images into the WordPress media library - WordPress
  • Feature: QTranslate language filter for post generator
  • Feature: Eshop generator language filter
  • Feature: Joomla article generator ID filter
  • Feature: WordPress - All custom posts generator
  • Feature: Spanish translation
  • Feature: RSS - feed generator
  • Feature: WooCommerce rating variable
  • Feature: Crossfade background animation for Simple slider type
  • Feature: Slide editor interface improvements
  • Fix: Accordion slider type didn't have variable options in generators
  • Fix: Play when visible - layers with 0 opacity won't be visible before animation starts
  • Fix: Generator fix for special characters
  • Fix: Smart Slider's menu on the WordPress admin bar now checks if the user can have editor rights for Smart Slider 3


  • Feature: The slider now can be accessed via the WordPress admin bar! - WordPress
  • Feature: Slide ID display on slide list
  • Feature: Joomla administrator full access for installing on new websites
  • Feature: Bar control will have the slide's link too
  • Feature: Eshop subcategories
  • Fix: Video autoplay on static slides is fixed
  • Fix: Videos won't stop when used on a static slide and the slides are switched
  • Fix: Eshop - Rich snippets
  • Fix: Show on devices - Desktop off - Preview


  • Fix: Error message in slider preview in Pro versions


  • Feature: HikaShop Products by ID generator - Joomla
  • Feature: New link action to be able to slide to a slide ID instead of the index, so you could reorder your slides
  • Feature: Youtube layer play button on/off switcher
  • Feature: WordPress posts tag filter - WordPress
  • Feature: Image from folder - new variable: filename without extension
  • Feature: jMarket generator - Joomla
  • Feature: jAuction generator - Joomla
  • Feature: Asset manager changes - far less cache file needed
  • Feature: Background image optimize
  • Feature: Autoplay allow restart when autoplay finished
  • Fix: Joomla 3.5.0 fix for access levels. Previously set up access levels has to be picked!
  • Fix: Easyblog URL and category URL fix - Joomla
  • Fix: Database query optimization
  • Fix: Scroll control fix for Mac
  • Fix: Hikashop image link fix
  • Fix: Magento possible error for product generator - Magento
  • Fix: Divi compatibility WordPress
  • Fix: Image layer missing width in rare cases
  • Fix: YouTube layer mute issue on OSX Safari
  • Fix: Backend HTML code was changed to avoid copy-pasting code tags during copying shortcodes
  • Fix: Fullwidth + center aligned sliders won't look wrong anymore, they will just have normal aligning
  • Fix: All in One events calendar timezone fix - WordPress
  • Fix: WordPress post generator fix when Advanced custom fields plugin was used - WordPress


  • Feature: Automatic lightbox option for slide backgrounds
  • Feature: WooCommerce categories generator - WordPress
  • Feature: A selector can be used to make the ScrollTo action so the horizontal menu won't cover the slider
  • Feature: Option to disable the small screen friendly backend
  • Feature: Thumbnail control: minimum thumbnail count parameter
  • Feature: Advanced slider cache for multi-language sites - WordPress
  • Feature: Option to change the cache folder on WordPress websites
  • Feature: The slides only switch on one slider when the keyboard navigation is used
  • Feature: Carousel slider type - Single switch
  • Feature: New background animation
  • Feature: The slider now detects if the memory limit is too low on the server to perform the "Fade in" animation
  • Fix: YouTube layer
  • Fix: Some form elements were not usable when the mouse drag was turned on.
  • Fix: Full page slide editor
  • Fix: The events calendar ordering
  • Fix: WP Rocket - Lazy loading conflict fixed
  • Fix: WordPress install issue when editor or administrator roles deleted
  • Fix: HTML api - md5 login didn't logged the user in
  • Fix: New K2 extra variables to work with Multilanguages CK
  • Fix: Magento cache path issue on rare cases


  • Fix: Touch improvements
  • Fix: JavaScript error when touch is disabled, but keyboard is enabled
  • Fix: Magento media url fix for special cases
  • Fix: Fill mode - fit on RTL websites



  • Feature: Better visual editor under 1440px screen size
  • Feature: Fill mode options visualized
  • Feature: Full page - Constrain ratio
  • Feature: New saving option in the global settings in case your server doesn't want to save down bigger slides
  • Feature: New slider inserting method at WordPress posts and pages (visualized)
  • Feature: Preview at the slider list too
  • Fix: Autoplay on media started/ended
  • Fix: Browser scroll fix (Full page)
  • Fix: Keyboard up/down arrows will be used when vertical touch is selected
  • Fix: Some of the slider's javascript code might have started twice, which made the responsivity bad
  • Update: Nextend settings moved to the global settings
  • Update: Improved thumbnail responsivity
  • Update: New Nextend settings options to make the license key authorization work with wrong server configuration
  • Update: Youtube URLs can have variables too


  • Fix: Issue with Visual Composer PHP 5.4 and lower
  • Fix: Missing alt tags from icons
  • Fix: Input elements were not focused when touch enabled
  • Fix: Close tag algorithm for HTML item changed to PHP Tidy


  • Fix: Less warning on PHP 5.5 and lower


  • Fix: Increased CURL import timeout to 30 seconds
  • Fix: Touch issue on OSX


  • Feature: Copy/paste layers with right click
  • Feature: Default slide background fill mode can be changed on slider basis
  • Feature: Slide editor right click: for layers, fonts, styles and animations in timeline
  • Feature: Middle click on slides in the left sidebar (edit slider view) opens the slide editor on new tab
  • Feature: Slide middle click open slide link in new page
  • Feature: Option to show on the slide's thumbnail if the slide is a video slide
  • Feature: Discover Smart Slider 3 window on first use with tutorial video
  • Feature: Slide CSS option to Simple slider type
  • Feature: Text generator
  • Feature: Background image retina options
  • Feature: Improved drag/touch handling
  • Feature: Minimum gap option between carousel slides
  • Feature: Weaker CSS selectors option to avoid overwriting another plugin's CSS what you put inside the slider
  • Feature: Hide page overflow if you only want your site to be the size of your full page slider
  • Feature: Browser scroll fix (Full page) - if you can see a scroller sized empty area in your Full page slider, turn this on
  • Feature: Visual Composer Smart Slider element added, compatibility with frontend editor
  • Feature: Elegant themes - Divi theme - module for Smart Slider
  • Fix: MAC numeric pad hotkeys
  • Fix/Update: Jevents generator
  • Fix/Update: EasySocial generator
  • Fix: Lightbox Vimeo on https websites
  • Fix: Custom posts conflict
  • Fix: Arrow fix on RTL
  • Fix: Slider can now appear correctly when used in tabs or lightbox
  • Fix: Backend display issue in older Safari versions
  • Fix: Full page slider backend editor for different devices
  • Fix: YouTube and Vimeo fix for iOS
  • Fix: multiple background video sizes in one slider
  • Fix: Smooth Theme visual editor compatibility fix
  • Update: Modified date variable at the WordPress Post generator
  • Update: Youtube layer's start option will be able to handle generator variables


  • Feature: Undo and redo in slide editor
  • Feature: Add video option will accept HTML videos too
  • Feature: HTML video preload options
  • Feature: Prefix tag for the HTML App
  • Feature: Quick Edit option for slide names, descriptions and links
  • Feature: Split Text In animation goes to Timeline
  • Fix: Centered slider on mobiles
  • Fix: Chrome layout z-index
  • Fix: Encoding error on some servers - image manager doesn't work, create slider, create slide didn't work correctly
  • Fix: JetPack - Infinite scroll conflict solved
  • Fix: Joomla image constant renamed to avoid conflict with Koowa plugin.
  • Fix: Layout saving layer order
  • Fix: Magento minor backend CSS modification
  • Fix: Nhtml class renamed to avoid conflict with Langwitch WordPress theme.
  • Fix: Showcase slider type - vertical slide distance
  • Fix: Spectrum JS conflict with WordPress Nimble Portfolio plugin
  • Fix: Static save on generator slides
  • Fix: Yoast SEO compatibility
  • Fix: Removed PHP7 depreciated warnings
  • Update: EasyBlog generator exclude id option
  • Update: Images in folder ordering
  • Update: Installation includes a sample slider if you don't have any sliders from previous installations
  • Update: License key link
  • Update: Partial traditional Chinese language file added - Thanks, Howard!
  • Update: The functionality of the Autoplay options combined with the Autoplay button are changed/improved to be more logical.


  • Feature: Title attribute for slide background image
  • Feature: YouTube layer hide controls
  • Fix: Joomla 3.4.7 session logout on administrator page
  • Fix: PageLines5 plugin conflict on WordPress
  • Fix: Responsive mode - Full-page issue between landscape/portrait change
  • Experimental: JavaScript callbacks


  • Feature: Hide license key
  • Feature: Restore slider - delete slider with the slider ID and adds the .ss3 file to that ID
  • Feature: Joomla image path detection from media component
  • Feature: Split text in animation is now marked on the timeline and the delay can be changed
  • Fix: Fullscreen control missing position variable
  • Fix: Showcase slider type slide distance parameter fixed in vertical mode
  • Fix: Simple type reversed parallax improvement
  • Fix: Layout load z-index issue
  • Fix: Convert dynamic slides to static slides


  • Feature: Accessibility for links in the slider
  • Feature: WordPress error message on install when no MySQL rights to create table
  • Feature: WordPress - Nextend global settings are placed under the Settings menu
  • Feature: Adaptive font size switch moved to the expert mode
  • Fix: WordPress - conflict with Page Links To resolved
  • Fix: Ajax error when ob_gzhandler enabled fixed
  • Fix: Instagram had changed API accessibility for their new APIs. The old APIs will be changed to new ones in June 2016, so you should create a new API, and request a new token in our backend's Global Settings.
  • Fix: Autoplay looping fixed
  • Fix: Joomla CURL issue fixed
  • Fix: See through slide issue in Free version
  • Fix: Carousel slider type conflict with static slide in the editor
  • Fix: Joomla last thumbnail wasn't visible, because of SEF plugin


  • Feature: Joomla HTTP proxy supported
  • Feature: Auto-update checker can be disabled
  • Fix: Joomla - Zoo generator
  • Update: A new advanced generator function to find links inside texts
  • Fix: WordPress multisite wrong sliders across different sites. (Cache related issue)
  • Fix: Responsive device mode portrait and landscape
  • Fix: Help beacon on https admin site
  • Fix: Missing layer hide/show icon added to free version
  • Fix: Heading layer's font changed from "paragraph" type to "hover" type as it is more suitable.
  • Fix: Slide duplication fail when it has generator.


  • Fix: Joomla module class suffix was missing
  • Update/Fix: Jevents generator
  • Fix: When a layer in a static slide was over an arrow control, the arrow wasn't clickable
  • Fix: Full page responsive mode didn't watch browser height
  • Update: Free version maximum slide count removed, in full version default value increased
  • Fix: Youtube playlist count was limited to 5
  • Fix: HTML App updated, config.php file's code will be able to avoid security token mismatch


  • Fix: Maximum slider height issue
  • Fix: Static slide duplication made duplicated layers
  • Fix: Update for WordPress multisite bug
  • Feature: Update indicator will automatically check for update once per week
  • Feature: Joomla module is linking to the selected slider
  • Update: Magento installer is only one tgz file from now


  • Feature: Maximum slide width for portrait and landscape views.
  • Feature: Publish HTML for the HTML platform
  • Feature: Async option will load our javascript code after jQuery has loaded on your site, even if jQuery is in the footer.
  • Fix: When cache folder is not writable possible solutions displayed
  • Fix: When play first slide animations disabled the animations might play



  • Feature: Maximum slide width for tablet and mobile devices too.
  • Feature: Constrain slider height for the previous option, to always have the same slider size ratio when you make your slides smaller for smaller views.
  • Update: New shortcodes (the old ones will work too)


  • Fix: Protocol-relative-url bug in control image selection
  • Fix: Full-screen control
  • Feature: Arrow, autoplay and full-screen icons are colorable
  • Feature: Slider list ordering


  • Fix: Jevents generator
  • Fix: MySQL error when MyISAM mode not available
  • Magento fix: There has been an error processing your request - Invalid action /. Valid format controller/method
  • Feature: More complex parallax options
  • Joomla feature: module class suffix
  • Update: Replaced SVG images because of common server misconfiguration


  • Fix: In certain Joomla websites the CSS and JS files weren't called in into our backend
  • Fix: License key deauthorize didn't work
  • Fix: Export as HTML body tag was missing
  • Fix: Export as HTML had wrong image paths
  • Fix: Force full-width fix in rare cases
  • Fix: Import demo slider
  • Feature: Layer image optimization option to automatically have smaller images for smaller screens
  • Feature: Base64 encoding option for smaller images
  • Feature: Ken Burns strength to define how much do you want to move and scale your images



3.0.6 - Joomla

  • Fix: Global configuration cache caused application is not available problem


  • Fix: Minor bugfixes


  • Fix: Notification if the curl is not enabled on the server (it is required for example to add the license code)
  • Feature: Protocol relative URLs
  • Feature: RSEvents!Pro generator
  • Fix: The Pre-load slider feature now checks if pre-loaded slider is used in the page


  • Fix: Thumbnail control CSS theme conflict
  • Fix: Blank page on frontend
  • Fix: Webfont loader fix
  • Fix: Admin area fix where wrong url-encoding could prevent to access to different admin areas (Slider delete, preview) on several PHP configurations


  • Official release

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