Video autoplay handling

Autoplaying videos is quite a complicated issue, as many browsers are fighting against it, because it can be used to create a bad user experience. In this documentation you can see reasons and our actions towards them.

Any limitation which is about blocking the videos because they try to autoplay with sound affects the audio layer as well!

Older tablet and mobile devices

Older mobile devices and tablets have a limitation, that you can't autoplay videos on them, because of the common usage of mobile internet, and the memory available on them. On these devices only a user's action can start a video, so touching the play button on the video.

Newer tablet and mobile devices

Some of the newer devices have the previously written limitation too, but the standard rather became, that a video can autoplay if the video is muted.

But all browsers on these devices have options to disable video autoplaying and then your video won't autoplay, not even muted.

Chrome on all devices (desktop computers too) and some other browsers start to take this behavior too

Chrome with its latest versions also limited down videos, that they can only autoplay if the video is muted. This is just one of their limitations. The other one is, that a video can only start if the user had interaction with your website, meaning he clicked anywhere on it. Because of this we modified our code too, to start the video, if the user clicks anywhere on your page, as this is the best we could do and there are no workarounds.

See the official announcement.

Firefox on desktop (probably mobile and tablet as well)

Firefox automatically blocks any video which plays with sound, even on YouTube's site. Currently there's no workaround for this, so if you want your video to play automatically, it must be muted

Lightboxes don't have muting options, so they need to be started manually by the user.

IOS devices (all browsers)

When your phone is in "Low Power Mode" then no video autoplay can be started without user interaction, even if the videos are muted.

YouTube videos on iOS devices

YouTube had limited down its videos and they won't allow to autoplay them on iOS phones and tablets anymore. Also, the volume control might be missing completely regardless of your settings. (This part is coming directly from YouTube so we have zero control over it.)

Xiaomi MIUI browser

Xiaomi's built in MIUI browser opens up all videos inside a popup video player, as you see for example in this video to let users do anything else on their phones while watching the given video. This behavior cannot be changed within the video's code.

What should you do to avoid having a not playing video on your slider?


If you are using  layers, then always leave the Controls option on, so the user could start the video if he wants to. Also change their Volume to muted if you want them to autoplay where they can.

Background video

Pick a background image too. The way our system works is, that the background image will be on top and the image will disappear, if the video can start playing.