Is Smart Slider 3 GDPR compliant?

The answer to this question is not that simple, but basically yes, Smart Slider 3 is GDPR compliant if you make it so.

Connection between you, the Smart Slider 3 user and the visitor of your website

Google Fonts

Smart Slider 3 calls in Google Fonts by default, if they are used anywhere on the slider. You can either just not use Google Fonts and to be 100% sure you are not doing it, turn it off at our settings or write down in your Privacy Policy, that you are using Google Fonts on your website.

Maintain slide session

We have a  Maintain slide session option, which uses cookies in the visitor's browser to store which slide that person saw last, to be able to continue from that slide after the visitor goes to another page. Either don't use this option or include this in your Privacy Policy, that you are using cookies to store on which slide the visitor was.

Connection between you, the Smart Slider 3 user and us, Nextendweb


You will be connected to our website by doing these actions:

Our Privacy Policy has all of these written down, so you don't really have to do anything and you can freely use these features. GDPR only requires us to inform you about these.

Help Beacon

We have a  Beacon in our admin area, which connects you to our documentation, which is stored on  Helpscout. This is also included in our Privacy Policy and you don't have to do anything about it.

Important note

GDPR is kind of questionable at this point, as it doesn't specifically addresses websites. Because of this not even lawyers can answer everything with 100% confidance. As we aren't lawyers, only programmers, we cannot take responsibility for making sure your website is GDPR compliant with our slider on it and if this is very important for you, you will have to consult with someone, who is expert in this field. What we can do is, that if you see any issues, tell us about it and we can discuss it, if there could be codechanges made from our end or of this would be something, that should go into the Privacy Policy as well.