Publish on Magento

The Magento platform is deprecated and no longer available for purchase or download.

Available publishing methods

There are two codes that you can use to publish your slider in Magento, the widget code, which you can use in your pages and static blocks and the shortcode, which you can use in your template's phtml files.


You can either copy the widget code by going to your Page or Static Block, switching your editor with the Show/Hide Editor to put code in it, and paste the code, or just click on the Insert Widget image, and you can select your slider in the dropdown list.


If you would like to have your slider in a different position in your template, then you can use our shortcode to call it into one of your template's phtml files.

How to find out which phtml file is loading?


Go to SystemConfiguration




Pick your store in the top left


Turn on the Template Path Hints


Check your website in your front-end.

You will see in your front-end which part of your website is created by which file from the app/design/ folder. You should just open up the file you want to modify, find the codepart you are looking for (tips here), and put the shortcode there.