Changing a layer in mobile view affects the desktop view

If changing your layer's mobile or tablet view changes the desktop view too, then there will be either a configuration issue or a misunderstanding about what you can change device specifically

Only those settings can be changed device specifically, which have a little device icon in front of their names:

To see how we are using the responsive options without having to check all the value names, check out these videos:
For content editing mode:

and for  canvas:

but check out this canvas video even if you are using content mode, because you can use features from it, like the text resizing or layer hiding.

If you were changing those and they affected your desktop view, the breakpoints of your slider can be wrong. You can see here, which breakpoints are used where and the most common problem is, that people are using the same values for the desktop, tablet and mobile changement. To be sure you won't have this problem, use the default values at your Responsive mode settings:

If you are using the different  portrait/landscape size settings too, make sure that the Slider size has a bigger width, than the Tablet - Portrait and the Tablet - Portrait has a bigger width, than the Mobile - Portrait. And the same should happen with the Landscape sizes: Desktop width > Tablet width > Mobile width. 

Use the default width values if you don't want to think much about it (the height values can be anything, so that doesn't affects the breakpoints):

Like this the mobile and tablet view changes cannot affect the desktop view. If you still experience a problem, you might have a plugin (or theme) with an error or your browser has an issue, so you could try a different browser and turn off your other plugins to see if the problem happens like that too.