Output Buffer problems

Smart Slider 3 3.2.13 and above uses a new and better way to load the cache files, using the output buffering, which was learned from the biggest plugins. The problem is there are some other plugins which use the output buffering wrongly.

Currently we know these plugins which have the problem:

How to debug the problem yourself?


Install the Output Buffer Tester plugin and visit your page with the ?ob-test=1 in the URL: https://example.com/?ob-test=1

this should write out an error log which helps you identify the plugin that causes your problem.


If the output buffering is messed up really badly, the Output Buffer Tester can't return anything. In this case, you should do a theme/plugin conflict check.

The test can have two results:

  1. Turning off all plugins does not solve the problem.

    This means the problem happens because of the theme. Try switching back to a default WordPress theme, like twentyseventeen, and everything should be fine like that.

  2. Turning off all plugins solves the problem.

    The Output Buffer error happens because of one of your other plugins. Enable them back one by one to see which causes the problem.