Video slider and autoplay

When you create a video slider where your videos play automatically and even the slider has the autoplay enabled, you might end up with a few questions on the setup or behavior.

Video doesn't autoplay

Video autoplaying has a lot of limitations made by browsers and you can read  here all about them.

The slider autoplay doesn't start

This problem can happen when you are using the default Slider autoplay settings and you are using video backgrounds or the loop is turned on at the video layer. By default the Stop autoplay on → Media started is enabled at the slider's autoplay, which means that the autoplay stops when the video starts and could only resume when the video finished playing. But the loop setting ensures that the video will never stop playing.

You should either turn off the loop or the Stop autoplay on → Media started.

The next slide doesn't come right after the video finished playing

If the Stop autoplay on → Media started and the Resume autoplay on → Media ended are turned on, the Slider autoplay pauses while the video plays. The image below can help understanding it better:

Once the video finishes playing, the slider autoplay will continue, causing the delay. To avoid this behavior, turn off the Stop autoplay on → Media started.

If you're using video layers, there is one other solution. You could trigger a custom JavaScript code on the video's Media stopped event to switch slides.