Overlay for background images

Background color + image opacity

The easiest way to create a colored overlay for your image and slides is using the Background color feature and lowering the image's opacity.

You can use the same features for setting the overlay for videos, just lower the opacity at the Video instead.

Pure background color 3.3.17

Since 3.3.17 you can create background overlay without lowering the image's opacity. Simply set a semi-transparent background color and turn on the Overlay next to it.

Using static overlay
Static overlays are above every other slide in your slider. If you are using this method, the color will cover all your slides' content, including clickable layers (buttons, images etc). If you have content on your slides we suggest using the Overlay for Background images method instead.

If you want to create a background overlay using a static overlay you should add an area layer in Canvas Mode, set the semi-transparent color you want to have. The area layer should be 100% wide and high.

Then move this area layer below the content layer.