Why aren't my layers reaching the side of the slide?

Your layers have a specific area on the slide, which is defaultly the whole slide's area:

If you are using the minimum or maximum width or height options at your Responsive mode settings, those will put this layer area in the center of your slider:

This is how far your layers can go. (You can make your layers go outside of this area too, but the responsive behaviour will be bad, so you shouldn't do that.)

So if you don't want your layers to be limited like this, for example you want to put down a layer, which would always touch the right side of the slide, then leave the minimum settings on 0px and the maximum settings on a very big value, like 3000px is what we are using as the default value.

If you have the pro version of our slider, you could rather use the  custom slider sizes to make your slider bigger on a smaller screen, because these would change the layer area's size too.

Or try to use  content mode, where the slide's size grows with the content, as the screen gets smaller.