HTML App installation

The HTML platform is deprecated and no longer available for purchase or download.

The installation process if for the HTML app version of Smart Slider 3 only. Neither WordPress nor Joomla versions can be installed this way.

For this installation you will need a host. You can use either an online host or your localhost what you can create for example with WampServer or Xampp

Download the latest installer from our website.
Unzip the installer and edit the config.php.conf file.
Enter the site's URL to the $url part, and set your language with the $locale and your timezone with the $timezone variable.
It's important to fill out every data! Even the URL must be provided otherwise you'll experience problems when you use the backend and you won't be able to activate your Smart Slider 3 either.
public static $url = '';
public static $locale = 'en_EN';
public static $TIMEZONE = 'America/Los_Angeles';

public static $DB_HOST = 'localhost';
public static $DB_USER = 'username';
public static $DB_PASSWORD = 'password';
public static $DB_NAME = 'htmlapp';
 public static $TABLE_PREFIX = 'htmlapp_';

public static $USER_NAME = '';
public static $USER_PASSWORD = '';

public static $MD5_SALT = '';
public static $PASSWORD_ENCRYPTION = '';

You can find a list of language codes here, and a list from the timezones here.

Go to your site's dashboard and navigate to the section where you can create new database, and create one. (You can use an already existing database too.)
Fill out the database-specific options starting with $DB_. If you are on localhost, your $DB_HOST will be localhost, and you probably have root as username and '' (empty string) as password for your database.
For security reasons, enter a username and a password for this website.
If you want to have your login more secure, give an $MD5_SALT, which can be any text, and it means that this text will be in front of your password, so if your site gets a brute force attack, and your password is something simple, like "qwerty", but you give a strong md5 salt, like "&'lkj324%!+%/lk4'3j53", then it take much longer to get your "&'lkj324%!+%/lk4'3j53qwerty" password. The $PASSWORD_ENCRYPTION can be 'md5' or nothing, and the previous option only works with md5.
Rename the config.php.conf file to config.php.
Upload the files into the htmlapp folder to your website. If you are using WampServer or Xampp, you can copy the whole htmlapp folder to /wamp/www WampServer or /xampp/htdocs Xampp
Open up your browser and visit the install.php file of your site:

If the installation was successful, you will see the the Main Dashboard screen, where you have to enter your username and password. After you are logged in, you can start creating your first slider.

Failed installation - try again

It could happen, that you missed something, or miswrote the data in your config.php file (usually the $url variable causes problems for people). In these cases you don't need to set up everything from scratch, just follow these steps:

1st step

Delete the "installed" file from your installation's root folder.

2nd step

Go to your database, what you made for our installation and delete all tables, which were created in it.

3rd step

Modify your config.php file as you think it should be correct, and you can try your installation again: