Row layer

The row is most useful in the structure based content mode. It contains columns, and it can be added into the content, canvas, or a col of another layer.


The distance between the columns inside the row.


The padding inside the row on the current device.

Wrap after

The columns will wrap after a specified amount of columns. It can create a 2x2 mobile layout from a 4 column wide desktop row.

Full width

When turned on, the row fully takes up the available width inside its container. Otherwise, it tries to be as wide as its content needs it to be.


When turned on, the row stretches all the way up and down to fill the available vertical space.

Inner align

The default aliment of the content (rows, columns, layers) inside the row.

Background image

You can select a background image that fills the layer.

Focus X, Focus Y

You can set the focus point of the image.


The content's background image can have the parallax effect if this option is turned on.

Background color and gradient

You can set the background color and select the gradient for the layer.