How can I move my layers freely on the canvas?

You should switch to Canvas mode, and drag the layers out of Content mode (if they were added there previously). Then you will be able to drag'n'drop them wherever you want.

It takes extra effort to adjust your layer's responsive behavior. Check out the Responsive tricks video and browse other tutorials to learn the available tools.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is this mode not enabled by default?

While Canvas mode is great to create many different layouts, it's not easy at all to make the result responsive. To avoid having to spend hours on making responsive adjustments, we've made the Content mode default. The Content mode barely needs any device specific changes, and these changes are rather personal preferences than actual usability adjustments.

For this reason we only suggest Canvas mode for advanced users only.


When do you suggest using the Canvas mode?

Canvas mode is better if you need many layers on each other, like on the Contact slider. In some cases, it's also better for complex layer animations, like the second slide of this demo.


Can I mix Canvas and Content mode?



Do you suggest doing so?

There are some layouts which you can only do by mixing the two modes. For instance if you need layer parallax in the background, The following sliders are great example:

The key is keeping the main content in Content mode and leaving only the "decoration" layers in Canvas mode.