Does Smart Slider 3 support Magento?

Magento 1.x

Smart Slider 3 used to have a Magento 1.x version, but it's not available anymore. You can't purchase this version.

Currently the Magento version of Smart Slider 3 is discontinued as the development didn't worth our time. This discontinued state means that we have not been selling it for months now. The installer is only available for people who already made a purchase.
There will be one last update in 2018 but after that the Magento version will only receive security updates until December 31th, 2019.

Magento 2.x

Smart Slider 3 does not support Magento 2.

We had plans on a Magento 2 support a long time ago, but we came across a Magento 2 bug that made it impossible for us to continue working on Smart Slider 3 at that time. Since then we also learned that to to make a compatible version, we would have to rewrite almost all of our base codes to use Magento 2 functions. This would take a lot of time and based on our negative Magento 1 experiences such development wouldn't worth our time, so it's unlikely that we develop a Magento 2 version of Smart Slider 3.