How to repeat multiple layer animations?

Step 1

Choose the incoming and outgoing  layer animations you want to have.

Step 2

Go inside the "more" settings of the incoming animations, where the animation doesn't start from 0sec.

Step 3

Add a new animation step, and move that to the beginning.

Step 4

Give 0 opacity to it, and copy the other animation settings from your animation's next step to make it appear the same place.

Step 5

Change the Duration to the Delay value of your animation.

Step 6

At your animation change the Delay to 0.

Step 7

Turn on the Repeatable option.

Step 8

Go to the "more" settings of the outgoing animations, where the animation doesn't stop at the very end of your animations.

Step 9

Add an animation step to the end.

Step 10

Add 0 opacity, and copy the other animation settings from your animation's step.

Step 11

On your timeline adjust these new parts of the outgoing animations to stop at the ending point of your animation.

That's it, these layer animations now will repeat including the "delay" empty animations you gave to it to adjust them to each other.