JavaScript scroll event doesn't work on pages with our slider

This problem can be caused with the combination of the Force full width option at the Fullwidth or Fullpage responsive mode, and this css code:

html, body {
    height: 100%;

Maybe it is enough to just have it on one of these elements. The cause of the issue is, that with the force full width option we are using javascript to calculate the slider's width to be able to go over the website's theme's/template's limitations, and make your slider be as wide as the screen is. Now this cannot be pixel perfect, so to avoid horizontal scrollbars, we are putting an overflow-x:hidden; to the body element, which means, that if the slider is 1px wider, than your website, that one pixel from the right side won't be visible. Browsers have problems with handling overflows, widths and heights and sometimes these aren't working together as expected. So you should either turn off force full width option, or remove the 100% height from your body and html elements.