How can I publish the slider, where I want it to be? (Joomla)

You can see the publishing options of our slider in  here. So in simple pages you can publish your sliders as modules. If you are not sure about how modules work, check out this video. And to help figuring out what position you need to select for your modules, you should check out this video too.

Usually Joomla templates are giving good positions to put something right under your menu or different places, where a slider could look nice, but if your template wouldn't do that, you could either  create a new module position yourself, or just insert our php code into your template. To figure out which codepart you would need for that, check out this video. And you can search for a codepart in multiple files, as you see here from step 5.

So all in all, check out your module positions. If you don't have a good one, then create one, and you can have a slider there!