Moving from http to https

By default we are only using protocol-relative URL-s, meaning we are calling in all files without http: or https: in front of them, and let the server decide what protocol should be used:


If your website is looked at with https address, that is the one, which will be used. So by default you shouldn't have to do anything, but if your website has a configuration, which makes our code use its protocol, you could try to just clear our cache.

If you will still see images with http coming from us, then turn off the Use protocol-relative URL at our Framework settings. Then use the Translate url option. This was made to replace links, so just write this to the "from" field:


and this to the "to" field:

save on it and these settings will replace all http links coming from us to https.

Alternative solution


Define the  WP_CONTENT_URL constant in your WordPress installation's wp-config.php file. If it's defined, our system will use that as the base url of your website. After the change  clear our cache.

define('WP_CONTENT_URL', '');

Check the  $live_site variable inside your Joomla installation's configuration.php file. You might have a wrong address given, but if you don't have anything there, enter your website's address, and that could fix the problem too. After the change  clear our cache.

public $live_site = '';