Slider settings - Developer

Block right click

You can block the right clicking in your slider.

Weaker CSS selectors

If you would use shortcodes or modules inside our layer and our codes would override the other plugin's, turn on this option and we're going to use weaker codes in this slider.

Hide website's scrollbar

In rare cases the Full page responsive mode can result a wrong calculation and leave out the space for the scrollbar. Turn on this option to remove that empty space!

Browser scroll fix (Fullpage)

In rare cases the page can't be scrolled when the full page slider is used. Turn it on to be able to scroll on the page!

Clear both before slider

If float css codes are used incorrectly, without closing them with clear:both; it could create a problem with the slider's initial size calculations, also when you resize your browser the slider might won't change it's width. This option will put a div tag with clear:both; css code on it in front of our slider, which would solve these issues.

Background parallax

If you choose the Parallax option at the Slide background image fill or at the Fill mode option at your slide, you can turn it off for Mobile and Tablet devices. On those devices in this case the Fill filling mode will be used.

JavaScript callbacks

You can put some JavaScript codes here, which will be triggered after the slider loaded.