Slider settings - Developer

Block right click

You can block the right clicking in your slider.

Hide website's scrollbar

In rare cases the Full page responsive mode can result a wrong calculation and leave out the space for the scrollbar. Turn on this option to remove that empty space!

Clear both

  • Before slider: If float css codes are used incorrectly, without closing them with clear:both; it could create a problem with the slider's initial size calculations, also when you resize your browser the slider might won't change it's width. This option will put a div tag with clear:both; css code on it in front of our slider, which would solve these issues.
  • After slider: with a clear:both; we are putting contents following the slider under the slider. If your slider's width doesn't fill up the entire row of its placement, you can turn this option off to let the rest of your contents, like texts coming into the same row the slider is in. But probably you will still need to write your own custom CSS codes to make your text look the way you want it to!

Hide slider with CSS media query

You can hide your slider under or over a given px width. This code uses CSS media queries. You will only see this happening on the frontend of your website!

Scroll to slider

Scroll to the slider on user interaction or when the autoplay switches slides. If you turn on the Autoplay option, the page will scroll back to the slider whenever the autoplay switches slides.


You can add custom CSS codes to your slider.

JavaScript callbacks

You can put some JavaScript codes here, which will be triggered after the slider loaded.

Slider CSS classes

You can put custom CSS classes to the slider's container.

Post IDs (one per line)

The cache of the posts with the given ID will be cleared when you save on this slider. It's useful when you have a caching plugin on your site as this way you can keep the page and slider in sync.