Slider settings - Slides (randomize)

This tab is available in the pro version only.


With this option, you can randomize your slides. You can also just randomize, which slide should load first. This randomization is not real randomization, because we are working from cache, so the number of Variations are defining, how many randomized sliders will change each other. But if you turn on the Cache support option, that will give you real randomization. So just turn on all options, if you want a randomized slider, and in this case you can leave the Variations on the default value.

Reverse slides 3.3.17Expert

Your slides are loading in order, like 1,2,3,4,5. You can reverse this order to rather get 5,4,3,2,1.

Maximum slide count

You can set the maximum slide number, which means, that you can have a lot of slides, randomize them, and show only a number of them together, and the next refreshing would show other random slides. This way your slider wouldn't have much slides, so it would load faster, and it would be diverse.

Lightbox from backgrounds

This option will automatically create a lightbox for every background image in your slider, which you can go through easily. When an image is switched in the ligthbox, it will switch the slides too.

You will need to have background images set in all of your slides, otherwise the option won't work!
  • Show label - You can choose to also show the title of your slides, or the title and description.
Maintain slide session

If you want your slider to continue playing from the same slide before and after the user goes to a new page, turn this option on.