redSHOP generator

This dynamic slide generator is available in the PRO version only.

With this dynamic slide generator you can show the contents of your redSHOP products. Minimum required redSHOP version: 2.0.7


  1. Create a new slider, or use an existing one.

  2. Choose to give dynamic slides to your slider.

  3. Choose redSHOP - Products.

  4. Set up your generator, choose the settings you think you want, change the number of slides to how many do you want to be in your slider, change the cache expiration to the time you want your slider to look for new data, and if you want to, you can check, what will be on your slides in the record viewer.
  5. Now you can start working on how your slides will look with the datas of the first slide. You can put down layers, and use the VARIABLE signs to put that data inside them, what you want there to be.

  6. If something is not clear, check out how the dynamic slide generators work.


  • Categories - You can select the categories from where you want the products.
  • Manufacturers - You can select manufacturers to filter your products from the selected categories.
  • Suppliers - You can select suppliers to filter your products further from the selected categories and manufacturers.
  • Featured - You can choose to only show the featured, not featured or all products.
  • On sale - You can choose to only show products which are on sale or aren't on sale or all.
  • Expired - You can choose to only show those products, which are expired or aren't expired or all.
  • For sell - You can choose to only show those products, which are for sell, which aren't for sell, or all.
  • Parent product ID - If you put a parent product's ID here, then only it's subproducts will be in the slider.


  • title - The name of the product.
  • url - Url to the product. It will link through the first redSHOP menu item you have in the Joomla Menu Manager from where that product can be reached, and it can't be changed.
  • description - The description of the product.
  • short_description - Short description of the product.
  • image - The image of the product.
  • thumbnail - Either the thumbnail or the full image of the product.
  • price - Price of the product. (With currency.)
  • unformatted_price - The price of the product. (Only numbers.)
  • discount_price - The discount price of the product.
  • category_name - The name of the product's category.
  • category_url - Url to the product's category.
  • category_description - The description of the product's category.
  • category_short_description - The short description of the product's category.
  • manufacturer_name - The name of the product's manufacturer.
  • hits - The number of hits on the product.
  • weight - The weight of the product.
  • product_length - The length of the product.
  • product_height - The height of the product.
  • product_width - The width of the product.
  • product_diameter - The diameter of the product.
  • id - The id of the product.

Ordering options

  • Product name
  • Ordering
  • Creation time
  • Modification time
  • Hits
  • Product price
  • Discount price