How to use the slider with Divi builder?

You can't edit Smart Slider 3 sliders with any page builder, but you can use them to display a previously created slider.

Divi 3

Slider's shortcode to a text module

Insert a new text module where you would like to have the slider

and paste your slider's shortcode to the Text field

save it and it will be shown when you close the builder.

Issues with Divi 3

Smart Slider 3's module is missing

Divi 3 currently does not let plugin authors to add their own modules into their builder. We are in touch with them to get the problem resolved, but until then, please use the slider's shortcode in a text module, as described above.

Probably Divi 3.1 will allow custom modules to appear on the frontend builder, however, it is possible that the modules can't be edited from there.

Divi 2

We have created a Smart Slider 3 module for your Divi builder to make it easier for you to add your sliders.

Simply open the Insert Module window, scroll towards the bottom and find the button that reads "Smart Slider 3"
Click on the Select slider button
Select the slider you would like to display by clicking on it.
Press one of the Save options

After that you will see our slider's module where you put it, and you can publish your page/post to see the slider in your website!