Fonts are pixelated or blurred - Chrome

It is a common problem in Chrome, that the fonts are rendered pixelated or blurred, because they just don't render ttf and woff fonts well:
so the fonts aren't made by our slider, it's just how Chrome makes texts show up, and there isn't a real solution, just these tricks what you can read, that if you use svg fonts instead, that should be fine:
or using javascript fonts instead, which aren't using Chrome's font rendering, they are drawing the fonts.

There is only one tip we can give, if you don't want to use other fonts, and that is, if you remove the boldness. So at your "Font" settings:
in the font manager the "B" icon should be turned off:
and that would make it look better.

If you're running Chrome 72.0.3585.0, your problem can happen because of a new browser bug. Learn more here.