Slider tutorial - Showcase type - Smart Slider 2 Movie 3D demo

You can learn how to create the Movie 3D Smart Slider 2 demo slider in Smart Slider 3 Pro.

Creating the slider

Create a new Showcase type slider and set its size to 1064x550px.

If you would already have the slider which you would like to modify, turn on the Expert mode and change the slider type at the Slider settings → General tab.

If you wouldn't have any sliders yet, then add some.

At the Slider settings → General tab → under Showcase slider type: Slider background select a background image for your slider.

Showcase type settings

If you didn't have to turn on the Expert mode to change the slider type, do so now as there will be some settings which are only available there.

First, let's change the Slider settings → General tab → under Showcase slider type: Slide size to 270x400

Once you're done, scroll further and find the Animation settings. Set the following values:

Before Active After
Opacity 70 99 70
Scale 90 100 90
Z 30 0 30
Rotate Y 35 0 -35

Every parameter needs to be turned on using the Animated switch.

Adding Slide title and Description

Scroll to the top of the Slider settings page and locate the Quick Edit - Slides option, click on it, change the slide titles add some description, and make any other change you would like to, then click on Save.

Adding controls

Scroll to the Controls and find the Text Bar control. Style your bar as you would like to, then find the Size option and turn on the Full width setting. Then type <br> to the Separator field.

Turn on the Autoplay and add an Indicator, then customize it. You can also add Arrows and Bullets