How to randomize dynamic generator slides?

These features are available in the PRO version only

You can't really have a random slider, but you could make your dynamic slide to look like it's random. You should go to your  generator's settings, and give a big number to the Slides option:

This way your slider would have in this case 100 slides, which aren't random yet. Then go to your slider's settings, to the  Slides - Maximum slide count option, and give the number of slides you really want, like 10:

Then turn on the Randomize and Randomize first options:

Now since we are working from cache, that is why your slider can't be truly random. So for the cache we have the "variations" option, which means, that this many random sliders will be created, and those will change each other, but the random order, that each slider has will be always the same random order. So you could write a bigger variations number, like 20:

and this way what will happen is, that every time your generator's cache expiration time ends, your generator will ask down datas for 100 slides, then the randomization option will create 20 sliders containing random 100 slides, and the maximum slide count option will only make your slider to show the first 10 slides.