Layer animation - Simple Ken burns effect on image layers

This tutorial is for Smart Slider 3.3.14. If you're using an older version, update.
This tutorial for the pro version only!

The Ken burns effect can only be selected to background images, but in this article you can learn how to create simple Ken burns effect for image layers.

Decreasing the image

Creating the layer

The first step is to create an image layer and select the image which will be displayed. After that go to the Layer tab → Crop and select Mask.

Adding a new IN animation

When this is done, go to the Animations tab and add a new IN animation. I suggest using Fade from the Fade group. Do the following changes:

  1. Change the opacity to 100%
  2. Increase Scale to 150%
  3. Change the Easing to Linear
  4. Increase the duration to make the effect look better

You can preview your animation, as it is done.

Increasing the image

First animation step - special zero

Add a new In animation. I suggest Fade from the Fade group. Click the Settings option and turn on Special Zero.

Change the Opacity to 100% and the Scale to 150%.

Add a new animation step

Finally, add a new animation step and drag it above the Special zero.

The effect is ready to use.