Updating to WordPress 4.5 made slider disappear


  • WordPress got updated, usually to 4.5, and the sliders disappeared

Problem appeared in (but it could be in other plugins and themes too):

  • Fixed Menu Anchor plugin
  • Responsive theme By CyberChimps 
  • Point theme By MyThemeShop 
  • Artisteer themes
  • FlyMag PRO theme
  • Divi theme
  • BuildMe theme
  • WPEX-PRONTO theme
  • Event Registration plugin


Check your website in Chrome. Press F12, click on Console, and Refresh the page, where you have the slider disappeared. You will probably see a javascript error like this:

Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: a[href=#scroll-top]

And a path to jQuery. You should open up the arrow before this message to locate, where the real issue is happening:

it will be the file, which isn't jQuery, but something else. In it you will have a code starting with something like:


which was accepted in older jQuery-s, but it's not accepted in new ones. You should either just disable your plugin, but it might be a file from your theme, and you want to fix it. Then you should put " " signs around the # part, like this:


and that will fix your problem. If your code looks a little bit differently:

it doesn't matter what kind of outer signs are you using, ' or ", you could simply replace those too:

So the key to solve this problem is to eliminate the not surrounded # tags.