Layer animation - Flashing layers - Repeated

This tutorial will teach you how to make continuously flashing layers, like this:

Creating the layer animations

The first step in this tutorial is to add the layers you would like to use. You can select any kind of layers, texts, headings or images. You are free to customize them at this step, too.

Select a layer and add a new IN animation by going to its Animation tab. Select a default animation or create your own. Click on the More button to open the animation manager. Scroll to the bottom of the window, and make sure to turn on the Repeatable option at the Layer global animation propertiesEvent:

Now click on the Apply button to close the window and save your animations. At the Layer tab, add a new OUT animation. Create your animation, or select a default one. Open the Animation manager again, by clicking on the More button. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and find the Layer global animation properties section. Make sure you have the Repeatable and the Instant out options turned on.

Don't close the window just yet. Add a new animation step, and drag it before any other animation steps you have and make sure that the opacity is set to 100, then add a step again, and leave it to be the last one of your animations. Make sure the opacity is set to 0, so the layer won't be visible.

Now click on Apply.

Finishing steps

Copy the layer animations to every other layer.

Now you layers have an IN and an OUT animation on them, and the OUT animations have 3 animation steps. Change the delay of the animations by dragging them on the timeline - the next layer's IN animation should start when the second OUT animation does.

If you are using Smart Slider 3 3.1.x right click on the layer to find the copy-paste option.

When this is done for all layers, change the duration of the last step of the OUT animation. The first layer's should be wide enough to last until the last layer's second OUT animation.

This will give you the duration that needs to be set for every other layer's last out animation step, so simply change the duration of those animations, and you're done.

The animations in this tutorial will be repeated continuously. If you would need the animations to happen only once this article.