Events - simple popup

The tutorial is only for the Pro version, as the events and layer animations are not available in the free version!

This tutorial uses Canvas editing mode!

Check out this documentation to understand how events work!

In this tutorial you can learn how to create a simple popup within the slider using Smart Slider 3's events.

Be sure to switch to Expert mode to see all options in this tutorial.
Creating the IN event

Go to one of your slides (or create a new one), and add a new button layer. Go to the Layer Window's Animations tab and click on Events. Name your event by writing its name to the button layer's Animations → under Events: Click field. I'll go with popup.

Creating the visual popup

Put down as many layers as you need to create the popup content. You are free modify and customize them at this step. I'll add a new row which has heading, a text and an icon layer. I'll arrange these layers to entirely cover my button layer.

Creating the IN animations

I'll go to the row layer's Animations tab and add a new IN animation. I pick Fade at the Fade group, which will look perfect for what I'm trying to create.

Turn on the Repeatable option for this layer. Then write the previously used event trigger (in my case, popup) to the Plays in when field at the Events tab.

Now if you preview the slide you can show this popup by clicking on the "Click me!" button.

Creating the OUT animation

Staying at the layer's Animations tab, let's add an OUT animation. Again, I pick Fade. Now the only remaining task is creating an event for this animation. Head to Events again, and write popdown to the Plays out when field.

Triggering the OUT animation

At this point we have a working in event and an out event that needs a trigger. Select the Icon layer and write popdown to its layer window → Animations tab → Events → Trigger custom event on: Click field.

That's it, the popup is working now. If you like to see things visually, here's a quick video which you can watch to understand the written instructions better.