Slide editor - Copy-paste layers

You can copy a layer or structure if you right click on it:

and paste it by right clicking on the slide editor:

You will see the following options:

  • Copy layer: you can copy the layer where you pushed down the right mouse button
  • Paste layer(s): pastes the layer(s) you previously copied
  • Copy slide: Copies the whole slide (all layers included)
  • Paste slide: Pastes the whole previously copied slide (all layers included)
Our copy-paste system is working separately from the browser default copy-paste option, so if you copy-paste some text to a text layer, you will still have copied layer available when you right click at the slide editor.

Layer list/timeline

The old right click option was removed from the timeline so from now on you can quickly add layer animation via right-clicking on the layer's name at the timeline.

The timeline also working from a separate history, and it stores one animations which you can paste.

If you paste an animation over another one, the old animation will be overwritten!