If you don't see the license key giving option, then you have the free version installed! Replace your free version with the pro one like this.

The license key essential to turn on the update indicator, and to be able to download the premium sample sliders. To activate your license key in your website, you should follow these steps:

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Adding the license key

Step 1

Go to your download area and copy the License key.

Step 2

Go to our backend, and paste it to the Add license icon/box.

You can add the license key the same way on every platform. Just look for the icon at the right side below the secondary navigation bar, where you can see on the screenshot.

If you are using an older Smart Slider 3 version (3.0.x) look for the License box at the right side.

Moving your license from one website to another

If you want to move your license from your one domain to another, all you have to do is to Deauthorize the key either at your backend, where you won't use it anymore

or you can also deauthorize it at your download area

and you can add it to a website again!

Can't find the license icon

The license key can only be added to the pro version, as you can read it in the message at the top of the page. The easiest way to verify which version you are using is to look below the Dashboard text, which writes your currently installed Smart Slider 3 version and whether the free or pro version was installed.

If you can see the free word there, you have the free version, so you should download the pro version from your download area and install it. Then you will be able to add your license key.

Don't have a license key, or it's expired

If you don't have a license key, or it's expired, you can get a new one with a new purchase.