Activation (license)

The activation essential to turn on the update indicator, and to be able to download the premium sample sliders. To activate the product on your website, you should follow these steps:

In this documentation

Where is my license key? (older versions)

We have changed our licensing process a while ago and it won't require license keys anymore, that is why they were removed from our website. If you have an older version where you haven't added a key yet, you should follow the alternative updating:

If you have a new version, just follow the activation process.

Activating Smart Slider 3 Pro



Check version

Product activation is only possible for the Pro version, as you can read it in the message at the top of the page. So please make sure the Pro version is installed. The easiest way to verify which version you are using is to look below the Dashboard text, which writes your currently installed Smart Slider 3 version and whether the free or pro version was installed.



If you don't own a Smart Slider 3 Pro installation or you have the free version installed,  update it to the Pro version.



The activation is not supported in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, please use another browser!
Activation box

Once you have the Pro version installed, go to our backend and find the activation box an lick on the Activate Now button.


Popup - Login

After clicking on the Activate Now button, a popup window will appear where you need to login with your credentials.

Login pop-up window

Select your package

Right after a successful authentication, you must select the package you wish to activate on your site.

Pop-up Activation

The activation is the same on every platform. 

Common issues

I can't see the Activation box

This problem can happen for two very common reason.

  1. You have the free version installed. Check the version number of your Smart Slider 3 at the Main dashboard. You'll see the exact version number and whether it's the pro or free version right below the Dashboard text.

    Solution: Replace your free version with the Pro one like this

  2. You have an old Smart Slider 3 Pro version, which was not activated yet.

    Solution: do an alternative update.

I can't see any packages after logging in at the pop-up window
  • You probably logged in with another account from what you used for your purchase. Please check your other email addresses to figure out which one is connected to your order! If you are sure you logged in the correct account please get in touch with us by clicking the Contact us link appearing in the pop-up window as you see here:

Account has no order

Activating your Smart Slider 3 Pro on a different domain / rules of license connections to domains

The way we are handling licenses is, that development domains and localhost domains aren't counted in the domain usage. So if you only have one license key, you can use it at the development and live domain at the same time without having to do anything, but activating the license.

Currently the following domain patterns are giving you free licenses:

  • localhost
  • apache
  • dev.*
  • *staging.*
  • *.dev
  • *.local
  • *.localhost
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *-test.*
  • *.sites.*
  • *demo.*
  • *.test
  • *testsite*
  • IP domains (e.g.

If you have activated your Smart Slider 3 on one website, you are able to activate it on the subdomains of that website too without using up more licenses. You can see a video here about what does exactly count as subdomain:


Each license is connected to one website. On one account you are able to deactivate your license key this many times (with the current packages):

  • Unlimited package (unlimited number of domain licenses) - 100 deactivations
  • Business package (10 domain licenses) - 2 deactivations
  • Single Domain package (1 domain license) - 1 deactivation

The math is the number of licenses you have X 11% rounded up and 100 is the maximum deactivation you can have. For example if you have 9 Single Domain packages, that still means 1 deactivation (9 X 11% = 0.99 -> rounded up to 1), but if you would have 10 Single Domain packages you would get 2 deactivations (10 X 11% = 1.1 -> rounded up to 2).

The deactivations are so limited, because this deactivation was rather made to give you an option for cases, when you are changing your domain address or if you don't have a free license usage at your development domain.

For the Unlimited package the deactivations were made for cases, when you don't want a client to have your license anymore. Simply press the Deactivate button at the domain you don't want to use anymore.

Deactivation at Smart Slider 3's dashboard

You will also see a deactivation option from our Dashboard.

If you are using a development domain, which isn't in our  free license list, but it also has a clear pattern to identify it as a development domain, then  contact us and we will add it to our list!

Why only one deactivation is allowed?

We don't want licenses to be movable between websites, because what we are trying to  avoid is to have support tickets for multiple websites using the same license. We had customers owning one license, who asked for support for 10+ websites (some even more) and we had to figure out something to limit this down. So if we help to use our slider on one website, then if you need help on another website, you will need to have another license.

I don't own a Smart Slider 3 Pro package or it's expired?

If you haven't purchased, or your package has expired, you can get a new one with a  new purchase.