Image from folder

This dynamic slide generator is available in the PRO version only.


  1. Upload your images into your website's ftp, into a folder inside this folder:

    Joomla: /images/
    WordPress: /wp-content/uploads/
  2. Create a new slider, or use an existing one.

  3. Choose to give dynamic slides to your slider.
  4. Select the From Folder generator.
  5. Pick one of the From folder generators.
  6. Set up your generator, choose the folder, if you want to show the IPTC metadata of your images too, turn that on, change the number of slides to how many do you want to be in your slider (this is the maximum number, if you don't want to specify the number, just show as many images, as much there is in the folder, give something big, like 100), change the cache expiration to the time you want your slider to look for new data, and if you want to, you can check, what will be on your slides in the record viewer.

  7. Now you can start working on how your slides will look with the datas of the first slide. You can put down layers, and use the VARIABLE signs to put that data inside them, what you want there to be.
  8. If something is not clear, check out how the dynamic slide generators work.


  • Source folder - The folder from where you want to get the images into the slider.
By default this folder points to your media folder, and you can't go higher in our folder browser, but if you manually write down the whole path to your folder, and write a * character before it, that path will be used to get your images from. 
For example: */www/mysite/wp-content/plugins/xygallery/images/

You don't have to search yourself for the complete path, just write a wrong path starting with * character: */wrong
press the "View records" button, and the error message will show you the path to your media folder, and you will be able to figure out the path you want from there.
3.3.4. You can use %% as a wildcard character/string for searches in the  Images from subfolders generator, for example: 
  • IPTC - You can also get the IPTC metadata of the image files. It's up to your camera or image editor program, what kind of datas are stored in them. 


  • image, thumbnail - The link of the image.
  • title - The filename of the image.
  • name - The filename of the image without the extension.