Getting started


System requirements, free version, invoice, changelog.

11 articles


You're not sure how to install the slider? Check out these pages!

5 articles

Activation & Licensing

How to activate Smart Slider 3? How to use it on your test domains?

5 articles


Know more about what you can set up in the different pages!

5 articles

Publish slider

There are more options to publish the sliders.

5 articles


Instructions to update your Smart Slider 3.

5 articles

Slider settings


Know more about what kind of options do you see in which part at the slider settings!

8 articles

Slider settings - General

The general tab at the slider's settings.

6 articles

Slider settings - Size

The size tab under the slider's settings.

5 articles

Slider settings - Rest of the tabs

The description of the slider settings options.

6 articles

Controls - Arrows, bullets, bar, etc.

The description of the contol options.

10 articles

Global settings

Global cache, responsive mode and Adobe Aviray

6 articles


Import, export, style & font manager, link & lightbox.

7 articles

Slide settings & layers


Get to know, what is where in your slide editor.

3 articles

Slide settings

Check out the slide settings to add background video or color, and learn the hotkeys!

6 articles

Animations & Layer settings

Description for the options at the layers' tabs, also layer animation examples.

7 articles

Layers - Item settings

Description of the Layers' Item tab options.

29 articles

Dynamic slides


Dynamic slide generators, which are available for every framework.

17 articles


Dynamic slide generators, which are available for Joomla.

27 articles


Dynamic slide generators, which are available for Magento.

2 articles


Dynamic slide generators, which are available for WordPress.

10 articles


Some tips to create more advanced dynamic slide generators.

8 articles


Interface places

Where to look for the controls or slider settings

4 articles


Tutorials on how to publish the slider

5 articles


Slider creation tutorials

10 articles

Tutorial videos

There are people who learn by watching videos. This section is for them.

4 articles


How to make a slider responsive?

2 articles


Important options for layer management

3 articles

Layer animation

Create an amazing layer animation!

8 articles


All you need to know about events.

5 articles


How to use custom fonts or font icons.

2 articles


Useful tutorials to make the most out of Smart Slider 3.

5 articles

Non-english tutorials

You can find videos and written tutorials here which are not in English.

1 article


About us

Questions related to us.

4 articles


Questions, which are usually asked before purchase.

12 articles

After purchase

Questions usually asked right after purchase.

8 articles

Joomla specific questions

Questions, which are only related to Joomla users.

7 articles

WordPress specific questions

Questions, which are only related to WordPress users.

12 articles

Custom codes

Questions related to how websites work, and custom code samples

26 articles

SEO, speed

SEO and website speed related questions.

8 articles


Questions asked about our slider's functionalities.

22 articles

Functionality - Content

Add videos, change column order and find features on the interface.

14 articles

Functionality - Responsiveness

8 articles

Functionality - Slider settings

Disabling the slider on mobile, border and border radius on it, etc.

9 articles

Functionality - Slider types

Questions related to specific slider types like Showcase or Carousel.

6 articles


General - Browser specific issues

Problems which are happening to your website when its viewed in some browsers

26 articles

General - Slider doesn't load or show up

Possible solutions when the slider doesn't show up

3 articles

General - Issues in admin area

Problems which are affecting the Slider editor view in your Admin area

12 articles

General - License or update related problems

Possible problems with the license key or update features.

4 articles

General - Issues on the frontend of the website

Problems which are happening only with the published sliders

16 articles

General - Error messages on the frontend of the website

PHP errors, JavaScript messages which appear on your site.

4 articles

General - Server issues: 404, 403, 500 errors

Server related problems

29 articles

General - Installation problems

Check out the articles here if you have troubles during or after the installation

4 articles

General - Slider option doesn't work, or the result is bad

Problems which are happening due to some Smart Slider settings

35 articles


Problems, which are only affecting Joomla users.

30 articles


Problems, which are only affecting WordPress users.

40 articles

WordPress - Plugin and theme conflicts

Known plugin conflicts

19 articles

WordPress - Cache and minification plugins

Problems related to caching and minification plugins

5 articles

Phone, tablet

Problems, which are only affecting phone or tablet devices.

11 articles

Known issues

Known problems with browsers or 3rd party plugins.

8 articles


Child themes

Child themes for popular themes to easily add Smart Slider 3.

8 articles

Creating or modifying themes/templates

Tutorials of how to do minimal themes/templates and child themes.

11 articles

HTML codes - special html items, mailchimp

Special HTML element and integration tutorials

6 articles

JavaScript and PHP codes

Some useful codes provided by us.

18 articles

Smart Slider 3 features outside of the slider

How to use the slider's features on pages where Smart Slider 3 isn't used.

2 articles

Modifying/adding to our codes

Tips on how to modify our codes.

11 articles

Using browsers for developing and troubleshooting

Tips on how to use browsers for web developing, and solving your problems.

6 articles