Dynamic height based on the tallest slide

You can make the slider to have dynamic height based on the tallest slide you have.You can achieve this if you have a text layer with a lot of texts on it and the Crop is set to Off.

Put this code to the Slider settings → Other tab → JavaScript Callbacks field:

this.sliderElement.on('SliderResponsiveStarted', $.proxy(function () {
    var layerContainers = this.sliderElement.find('.n2-ss-layers-container, .n2-ss-static-slide');

    this.sliderElement.on('SliderResize', $.proxy(function (e, ratios) {
        var height = 0;
        for (var i = 0; i < layerContainers.length; i++) {
        height = Math.max(height, layerContainers[i].scrollHeight);

        var r = $.extend({}, ratios);
        r.slideH = r.h = height / this.responsive.responsiveDimensions.startSlideHeight;

    }, this));
}, this));