If you are a Mac user, use the CMD key instead of CTRL

There are some hotkeys, what you can use in your Slide editor.

Key Event
Space Play/pause timeline
Esc Stop timeline
Del Delete layer
End Duplicate layer
Arrows Move layer 1px further
Arrows + SHIFT Move layer 10px further
Numeric keypad numbers Align the layer
Numeric keypad numbers pressed twice Align the layer + move it into that align position
Pushing Ctrl while moving the layer Turn off vertical snap
Pushing Alt while moving the layer Turn off horizontal snap
Page Up, Page Down Change active layers
Ctrl + click on a device Paste the active device's layout to the clicked device's layout
Ctrl + click on slide editor's align options Choose a default aligning for the layers you will put down afterwards
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + SHIFT + Z Redo
A Give "auto" value to the width and height of the selected layer
Ctrl + G Group layers
Smart Slider 3.0 video about hotkeys (but you can use the same keys in SS3.1+)