Messed up or blank page (Joomla)

Messed up page in back-end

If you see a screen like this, which looks like the style isn't loading:

Update your Smart Slider 3 version by downloading the latest installer from our site.

If that won't help, check out the documentation below.


If you see something like this image, it means, that your media/nextend/ folder isn't writeable. You should open up your website's ftp, and change this folder's permissions to 777 with everything inside it. If you don't have this nextend folder there, create it in your ftp, and then change the permission of it.
You could also try 755, 775 permissions, maybe one of them will work, but if not, and you don't want 777 permissions, read more about it in here.

You can do this for example with Filezilla, connect to your ftp, look for the media/nextend/ folder, right click on it and choose File permissions…

change the Numeric value to 777, and check the Recurse into subdirectories (Apply to all files and directories).

If setting the cache folder to 777 does not help either, check out this documentation, that might help.

Messed up or blank page in frontend

One of these errors
  • Blank page or messed up page in the frontend, where the slider is published.
  • Blank page or messed up page in the back-end at the Smart Slider.
  1. If somewhere the Smart Slider caused a blank page or messed up page, in the back-end or the frontend, then you should go to System (in Joomla 2.5: Site) → Global Configuration.

  2. Go to the Server tab and pick Maximum at the Error Reporting.

  3. Then go to the page, which was blank, and now it should write out an error or more, but probably only one of them is the real error, which is causing the other ones. These are usually server side configuration issues, like the php is missing a basic library, or the memory limit, nesting level is too low, and your server host can help you with that. If you are not sure, just google the Fatal error message, and you will know, what it means.

Messed up backend using AMPPS

First, try to make your site write out the error, which you can do like this. That will give you the idea if you need to turn on some PHP extension, or increase some server setting.

Call to undefined function ctype_digit()

You should enable the ctype extension at AMPPS Application → PHP Tab → PHP Extension. Check ctype and Apply.

Blank page maybe just after a number of slides, and error reporting doesn't say anything

Turn off the Optimize option, if it's on, because if you are using it with too big images, this is a resource heavy process, and probably your server's memory_limit has been reached. If this helps, either use smaller images in the future, or ask your server host to increase the memory_limit value of your website.