Slider settings - Loading

Play when visible

If this option is turned off, then your animations will start, when you will scroll to the slider (exactly, when you reach the middle point of the slider), but if you turn it on, then your animations will start immidiately, as the slider loaded.


When a website is loading, the parts are jumping into their places, which isn't always very pretty, especially if you have a big website or slow internet connection. With this option you can hide our slider until it loads, and then make it fade in when it's done loading, or make it only fade in, when you scroll to the slider.

Loading animation

Loading animation for the Fadein - On load and for the Image load option.

The loading progress type animations (the ones with the number in them) are only showing the numbers when there is no special background loading (delayed loading or lazy loading) in use.
Custom loading animation image

You can choose your own loading animation image. We rather suggest using one of our loading animations, because those were made with html and css codes, which are immidiately loading with the website, but images are only starting to appear after the html code of the website finished loading, and you will see it's loading as well, so it might won't appear on your website, as and where you want to from the beginning.

Pre loaded slider ID

If you have another slider in your website next to the current one, you can make your slider to wait until the other one loads, and make it only load after that.


You have 5 sliders in the page, the slider IDs are in the following order: 2, 43, 12, 5, 9

Slider ID Pre loaded Slider ID Sliders loaded (by their ID) when the current slider starts to load
1sth slider #2 No sliders are loaded yet
2nd slider #43 2 2
3rd slider #12 43 2, 43
4th slider #5 12 2, 43, 12
5th slider #9 5 2, 43, 13, 5

You can define a delay for the slider, and until this time expires, the slider won't be shown.

Delayed (for lightbox/tabs)

Turn on this option if you are using the slider in a tabbed environment or in lightbox. This option will give a +200ms delay to the slider load, and it will keep checking if the slider is currently visible to adjust its size so the slider can appear correctly in a tab or in a lightbox.