How can I center my text?

To put your text in the middle, first you should double click on your layer, to make sure, that your layer is exactly as big as your text is.

After this use the aligning options, all you have to do is to click on them twice, and they will move your layer into the center horizontally and vertically.

Then go to the Font settings of your text, heading or button layer.

And also change the " text align" to center, to make sure, that even if there are no repsonsive css codes on your text, it will be still centered.

There could be other non-responsive codes affecting your text, if you use some of our options, or themes/templates are often modifying texts too and push it outside of the "layer area", so what you see with the blue border in your slide editor. If you see this happening, you could rather make your layer bigger, than your text is, either just a little bit, and align in the center again or you could just make it touch the sides of the slide too.

This way your text will be always in the center.