How to use a demo slider in your generator

  • Go to the main page, and import one of our demo sliders.
  • Click on the slide you want to replicate.
  • Copy the slide.
  • In this demo slider delete all the slides. You will use this same slider, to have the same exact slider settings.
  • Now start creating your dynamic slides.
  • If you follow the tutorials at the documentation of your dynamic slide generator, then in all of them there is a step before the last one: "Now you can start working on how your slides will look..."
    At that point you should paste the copied slide.
  • Click on your Layers, and you can start working on what should be on them. Replace their images and texts with the variables offered by the VARIABLE signs.
  • Hint: if you have a background behind your slides, that is the slider background image, what you can find in the Slider settings → General, at the Slider type's settings. You should probably remove that or change it to another one if you want to.