Slide editor - Copy-paste layers

You can reach the copy-paste menu if you right click on a layer in the slide editor.

You will see the following options:

  • Delete layer: you can delete the layer where you pushed down the right mouse button
  • Duplicate layer: you can duplicate the layer where you pushed down the right mouse button
  • Copy layer: you can copy the layer where you pushed down the right mouse button

Paste options

When you copy one layer, and you right click on the slider editor, you will see the Paste layer option appearing:

When you copy another layer, you can see a small menu appearing when you hover over the Paste layer option:

You can select the layer you would like to paste from the previously copied layers. Smart Slider 3 allows you to have up to 5 copied layers and you can paste any of them into your slide. Pasting between tabs is supported. This means that you can have opened a slide from the same slide or from another, you can copy the layers there, too.

Copying a layer from one slider to another by switching the browser tab
Our copy-paste system is working separately from the browser default copy-paste option, so if you copy-paste some text to a text layer, you will still have the 5 latest copied layer in the copy history.


The old right click option was removed from the timeline so from now on you can quicly add layer animation via right-clicking on the layer's name at the timeline.

The timeline also working from a separate history, and it stores one animations which you can paste.
Copying an animation from one layer to another
If you paste an animation over another one, the old animation will be overwritten!